In March 2020, the GSA movement to empower & train LGBTQ+ youth leaders transitioned from school-based organizing & community-building to digital movement-building. Until trans and queer young people can meet in-person, GSA Network will host virtual GSA meetings, provide resources for GSAs to meet and continue their work online, and offer wellness activities and resources. Learn more here.

Take Action

Trans and queer youth of color use their collective voice and power to change the narrative about their lives and experiences, create visibility on campus and local communities, protect established student rights, and shift school discipline policies that push youth out of school and into the criminal justice system. We support LGBTQ+ youth organizers across the country to take action and create change at all levels, from school-based campaigns that impact individual school districts to national days of action that unite GSAs for racial and gender justice.

There are many ways to take action and create change in your school, community, or even your state.

  • GSA Days — Lead an action or event on GSA Day for Racial Justice (Feb) and GSA Day for Gender Justice (Nov), two national days of action for trans and queer youth of color or individual GSA clubs.
  • GSAsUnite! — Our online petition platform allows you to launch a campaign and take action in your school or community. Successful campaigns can jump-start your GSA membership and engagement on campus.

Become a GSA Leader

Apply for a Youth Council here!

  • The National Youth Council is a year-long leadership program that provides trans and queer youth of color and allies with tools to make a positive change in their schools and communities. Members assist in planning components of the National Gathering (an annual conference for the National Association of GSA Networks) and working with the National TRUTH Council on GSA Day for Racial Justice (an annual day of action in February). Youth council members will work to support one another, and the National staff of GSA Network will help the council. National Youth Council members will be based in states with member organizations of the National Association of GSA Networks. The National Youth Council will consist of 8 members 9th-12th grade from across the country and serve for nine months.
  • TRUTH (TRans yoUTH) Program was created with public education at its core, intending to challenge the pre-existing narratives media had of trans youth, and work with communities to push for a shift. TRUTH is a place where trans and nonbinary young people between the ages of 14-18 can connect with other trans youth and find inspiration in their stories, and also find resources and support in thinking through their goals as a storyteller, how to stay safe when sharing their story publicly, and how to share their story authentically and effectively for their goals. Learn more about their work at TRUTH runs on a calendar year from January-December.
  • The Roses Initiative grew out of our TRUTH Program and our commitment to support trans girls of color. We are building a world where trans girls of color are taking the roses for themselves. A world that not only affirms but is safe for trans girls of color and where they can be and find love. While Roses is building opportunities for girls to join at their own capacity, the Roses Youth Council is a leadership opportunity for girl leaders who want more opportunities to be in community with other girl leaders and take part in building more of these spaces. Black, brown, and Indigenous trans girls and nonbinary fems between the ages of 14-18 throughout the US are welcome to apply at Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • The Campaign United Core Leaders (Unicorns) is a year-long leadership program that provides trans & queer youth of color and allies in California with education, tools, guidance & mentorship to make a positive change in their schools and communities in service of our two major campaigns: Police Free Schools, and Inclusive Sex Education. Unicorn leaders will conduct meetings via Zoom throughout the duration of the program, with possible (optional) in-person events for youth leaders to develop community & strengthen their skills as advocates, leaders, and individuals. This opportunity is open to 8th-12th grade students in California who have a desire to build power in QTBIPOC (Queer/Trans Black, Indigenous and people of color) communities. This program runs on a calendar year from January-December and will meet twice monthly: the 1st/2nd Tuesday of each month (for 2 hours), and the last Saturday of the month (for 2.5 hours). We will also have bi-monthly Membership meetings, advocacy events and activities as needed.