GSA Network is accelerating the growth of a national youth-led GSA movement. We strengthen the ability of trans and queer youth of color to envision and create sustainable communities where they can live authentically, and we support community-based organizations across the country that are making a local impact.

In March 2020, the GSA movement to empower & train LGBTQ+ youth leaders transitioned from school-based organizing & community-building to digital movement-building. Until trans and queer young people can meet in-person, GSA Network will host virtual GSA meetings, provide resources for GSAs to meet and continue their work online, and offer wellness activities and resources. Learn more here.

Local Strategy, National Impact

GSA Network seeks to strengthen national movement-building capacity at the intersection of LGBTQ+ youth organizing and racial and gender justice to end school push-out, and develop the next generation of LGBTQ+ leaders, particularly low-income youth and youth of color, in those regions of the country where youth face the greatest isolation and the least amount of access to resources: the Southeast and Midwest.

GSA Network Southeast was launched in 2014 followed by GSA Network Midwest in 2017. We also operate GSA Network of California. Through our Regional Organizing strategy, we infuse staff capacity and technical expertise in these regions in order to strengthen local organizations and increase trans and queer youth of color leadership development and engagement. Each regional office is staffed with dedicated Organizers from the regions to provide youth leadership training, capacity-building, and technical assistance, as well as support youth in carrying out national organizing campaigns.

National Association of GSA Networks

Launched in 2005, the National Association of GSA Networks is a group of state organizations that represent at least 3,500 GSA clubs across the country that work together to align our national and regional organizing strategy for racial and gender justice. The goals of the National Program are to:

  1. Convene the National Association of GSA Networks to accelerate the growth and impact of the GSA movement nationwide.
  2. Provide training and technical assistance to state and regional networks of GSA clubs across the U.S.
  3. Create a GSA network in every state by replicating GSA Network’s successful youth leadership and GSA organizing model.

There are currently 20 states represented in the National Association of GSA Networks. Each organization has made a commitment to work towards more youth leadership, deeper analysis, and strategy to address white supremacy, and create adequate support systems to address gender justice. We work with local partners to develop new curriculum, programs, and models that better fit the various communities our local partner organizations work with. National Association members are now intentionally working with trans and queer youth of color, bringing an intersectional lens to their to their existing programming with LGBTQ+ youth. Members are invited to participate in National Gathering, an annual convening of the National Association of GSA Networks, to share skills, strategize, and train organizers from member organizations and youth on various topics that impact our schools and communities.