GSAs provide LGBTQ+ and allied students with space to build community and advocate for racial, gender, and educational justice. They also serve as powerful, student-led vehicles for deep social change. Learn more about how they operate and how you can start one. Once you get it off the ground, register your GSA below to receive our annual Year Start Packet, resources, and news.

*Important Note: You must register your GSA every school year to receive the Year Start Packet and other information. By registering each year, we’ll know that your club is still active and ready to get support from our network.

Questions? Email or head to our national map of local partners to find the GSA Network contacts near you.


If your GSA is a community based GSA, please enter the name of the person who will be most responsive to emails sent to your GSA in the student section and leave the advisor section blank - except for address- unless there is a designated advisor or mentor for your club. If your club is a school based club, please check "no" and proceed as indicated.