Queerness as home, as change, as freedom.

We have launched Devising Freedom, a national strategy that will create a vision for transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary youth to blossom despite the persistent attacks on their bodies and their identities. This national strategy will intentionally work to combat the harmful effects of anti-trans legislation and executive orders that have emerged across the country.

Statements, events, resources, and information can be found on this page.

Together, we’re devising trans and queer freedom. U down?

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Organizational Statements & Events


  • Check out our 2nd General Assembly that we released on our Youtube on Tuesday, June 21, 2022! Tune in for some incredible youth performances and to learn more about self-care, safety planning, and wellness resources! 

  • Stay tuned for more information on our future General Assemblies! The next one will be on Tuesday, September 13th– registration and more information coming soon!
  • Our Gender Justice Leadership Program (GJLP) is also hosting Storytelling Workshops to equip trans and GNC youth with the tools they need to fight back and make their voices heard. Check out GJLP’s events page for upcoming workshops and events.