Virtual GSAs In Action

GSA Network has paused our in-person youth leadership training and events this year to keep our community healthy and united. Virtual GSAs In Action is a digital space where we feature virtual youth leadership events, online group conversations, and training in digital organizing. Sign up to get weekly e-news and keep in touch.

NEW! Virtual GSAs In Action: Digital Organizing Toolkit

GSA Network is extremely proud to launch Virtual GSAs In Action: Digital Organizing Toolkit-a new resource inspired by, and designed for, trans and queer youth activists, GSA club advisors and educators, and grassroots organizations across the country.

Trans and queer young people of color want to build community in this moment. They are searching for places that affirm their identities and experiences, uplift their spirit, and promote self and community care. The Virtual GSAs In Action Toolkit was created to support them to start a Community GSA, take their existing school-based GSA clubs online, create new clubs, and above all, build virtual spaces that can restore our community.

Trans & Queer Youth Virtual Power! Training Series

Check back and stay tuned for more trainings coming in the fall!

Virtual GSA Resources

Download a variety of resources we’ve developed this year to support trans and queer youth as they transition to virtual GSAs clubs and digital organizing, and check out our Queer and Trans Wellness Resource Page for a comprehensive list of activities to aid in physical and mental wellness!

Past Events

  • Advisors Unite! (Monthly new topics!- 2/18/21, 3/18/21, 4/15/21, 5/27/21)
  • GSAs Organizing for Change (5/13/21) 
  • Building Community with your GSA (4/1/21)
  • GSA Outreach & Facilitation (3/4/21)
  • Centering Racial and Gender Justice in GSAs (2/4/21)