#GSADay4GJ: GSA Day for Gender Justice

GSA Day for Gender Justice (#GSADay4GJ) is a national day of action for GSA clubs, LGBTQ+ youth, and allies to center trans, nonbinary, and gender-diverse people and mobilize for their liberation.

#GSADay4GJ is on Thursday, November 14, 2024!

This year, TRUTH is calling on GSAs to mobilize around the sixth point of the platform: We Call for Comprehensive Education that Reflects our Histories and Needs

We call for the use of informed educational practices that provide access to curriculum to help build opportunities for historically erased peoples. We call for free and non-compulsory education for all ages and for all access levels.


In 2018, The National Trans Youth Council (TRUTH) wrote and published their Nine-Point Platform for Liberation to define their revolution and achieve liberation. The manifesto is not a static document but a living one, so it may be updated and changed to reflect the council’s increasing understanding of the systems of oppression and the changes in the language we use to describe both ourselves and these systems. Since its creation, the platform has been used for each year for GSA Day 4 Gender Justice.

Calls to Action!

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Check back on TRUTH’s page for direct updates to come!

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