In March 2020, the GSA movement to empower & train LGBTQ+ youth leaders transitioned from school-based organizing & community-building to digital movement-building. Until trans and queer young people can meet in-person, GSA Network will host virtual GSA meetings, provide resources for GSAs to meet and continue their work online, and offer wellness activities and resources. Learn more here.

Build Your Power

GSA clubs build power for a growing movement of LGBTQ+ youth of color and we actively support youth through training in leadership, organizing, and advocacy for racial and gender justice. We empower trans and queer youth to educate your schools and communities, organize in coalition with other youth across identity lines, and advocate for just policies that protect all LGBTQ+ youth from harassment and violence. Together, you learn to tackle the issues that impact you in school, build collective power, and ultimately transform educational institutions. Youth-led and youth-planned trainings and events are offered throughout the year.

Get Trained

  • Leadership Trainings & Summits –  Day-long trainings teach the basics of community organizing, school-based campaign strategy, and student rights advocacy.
  • Activist Camps – Intensive 3-day summer camps provide deeper training on racial and gender justice, students’ legal rights, gender identity activism, and curriculum inclusion advocacy, among other topics.
  • Conferences – Day-long conferences include a series of workshops focused on local organizing and skill-building to start GSA clubs, civic engagement and activism, sexual health and healthy relationships, and teaching students about their education rights. Adult tracks are offered at select conferences.