In March 2020, the GSA movement to empower & train LGBTQ+ youth leaders transitioned from school-based organizing & community-building to digital movement-building. Until trans and queer young people can meet in-person, GSA Network will host virtual GSA meetings, provide resources for GSAs to meet and continue their work online, and offer wellness activities and resources. Learn more here.

2018 Salt Lake City, Utah - Trans and Queer youth and adults smile in large group photo from GSA Network's National Gathering

Sustainable change starts and ends within our communities. We work to support the base building and social change capacity of our member groups and unite trans and queer youth to fight for racial and gender justice.

National Association of GSA Networks

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Below is a list of our local partners. Most states have one GSA Network but some have multiple. Please check with your state’s representative(s) for support in your area.

If your organization would like to join our National Association of GSA Networks, please email to reach the Associate Director of Partnerships. 

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