National Association of GSA Networks

The purpose of the National Association of GSA Networks is to support the growth of the GSA movement by connecting state and regional GSA networks to each other for information-sharing, networking, and peer exchange.


GSA Network was founded in California in 1998. We quickly grew from a network of just 40 clubs to a large statewide organization that today has over 850 Genders & Sexualities Alliances.

Since our early years, we have provided support to groups and coalitions in other states who work with GSA clubs, sharing resources, information, and technical assistance based on our growing expertise.

After many years of informally supporting GSA networks and coalitions around the country, GSA Network officially launched the National Association of GSA Networks in 2005.

In April of that year, we convened leaders of groups in 15 other states to begin a series of monthly conference calls. These calls continue today because they offer GSA network leaders around the country the opportunity to share ideas and best practices, as well as to troubleshoot challenges and work together to grow the larger GSA movement. Through the National Association, GSA Network now formally mentors and builds the capacity of emerging GSA networks throughout the country.

Today, GSA networks in 31 states belong to the National Association of GSA Networks.


The National Association of GSA Networks is made up of 31 state and regional groups. Each member is an organization or program that supports a network of GSA clubs in its state.

Check out the current members in our National Directory.


The National Association of GSA Networks operates with a loose consensus decision-making process. GSA Network’s National Program Manager facilitates monthly calls, prepares the minutes, coordinates committee work, and organizes the National Gathering.

GSA Network provides the project management, staffing, and funding for the National Association.

In 2007, a Steering Committee was formed, and subcommittees were developed. The National Association currently has subcommittees focused on Website, Resources, and National Gathering. These subcommittees provide an opportunity to collaborate on specific topics and build our resources.


The activities of the National Association of GSA Networks include:

  1. Monthly Conference Calls - A space to discuss best practices in a peer-to-peer exchange on topics such as: GSA outreach strategies, supporting GSA advisors, creating a Youth Council, and using Facebook & MySpace for GSA organizing.
  2. Annual National Gathering - An in-person networking and skills-building opportunity for staff and students.
  3. Annual Survey – The annual survey collects information about the needs and activities of state and regional GSA networks.
  4. Online Listserv – A space to communicate regularly about emerging issues in the GSA movement and to share resources.

For more info:

For more information about the National Association or to apply for membership, contact or 415-552-4229.