Statewide Advocacy Council

GSA Network’s Statewide Advocacy Council is a diverse group of youth leaders from middle and high schools across California. As a member of the Statewide Advocacy Council (SAC), you will learn skills to become a stronger activist and work towards creating a safer climate across California for LGBTQ students and straight allies. You will get support to use your advocacy skills for your school, GSA, and in your community.

What Do Statewide Advocacy Council Members Do?

Statewide Advocacy Council members’ roles are to:

  • Guide GSA Network’s Advocacy Program by providing feedback and recommendations on legislation being considered by GSA Network for support, endorsement, or other kinds of action.
  • Work with GSA Network to engage education policy makers in implementing the law in schools across California.
  • Help shape and implement our LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum Campaign.
  • Help plan GSA Advocacy & Youth Leadership Academy (GAYLA) and Queer Youth Advocacy Day (QYAD).
  • Represent the needs of GSAs and youth activists from their region.
  • Participate in a work group:
    • Curriculum Work Group – Learn skills to fight for LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum at school, and help develop materials for GSA clubs on LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum.
    • Administrative Advocacy Work Group – Help plan GAYLA events and develop strategies to work with state-level education administrative agencies on protecting transgender and gender non-conforming youth.
    • Legislative Lobbying Work Group – Help plan QYAD, work on legislation that supports LGBTQ youth, and create materials for students to get involved in legislative advocacy.

Interested in Joining?

The Statewide Advocacy Council takes applications each spring after GAYLA and Queer Youth Advocacy Day. Participation in GAYLA is a strong factor in being selected to join the Statewide Advocacy Council.

Requirements to Join:

  1. Willing to commit to serve on the Statewide Advocacy Council for one year, attending monthly conference calls/and working group meetings.
  2. Committed to creating statewide and local change for LGBTQ youth and fighting homophobia and transphobia in schools, specifically with a focus on legislative and administrative advocacy, policy change, and curriculum development.
  3. Interested in developing and suggesting ideas to strengthen the GSA Network Advocacy Program.
  4. A commitment to working to develop a Statewide Advocacy campaign and getting your local community connected to that campaign.
  5. A student in a public or private middle or high school in California.

 Please join us in our work to protect more students across California like you!

Applications for 2013-2014 are now closed.


GAYLA Youth Trainers & Statewide Advocacy Council 2011-2012 Members

Who is on Statewide Advocacy Council?

Meet the 2012-2013 Statewide Advocacy Council Members.




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