"But It Did Happen" by Joaquin
“But It Did Happen” by Joaquin

By Joaquin C.

Can’t scatter or acknowledge our ashes while drinking your white privilege wine
All I see is the death mark of the thick abusive blue line
While we had to, have to, make Big Brother’s boots shine.
We speak with these zines floating around the borderlines (still unheard)
Digging your scalpels into the Brown and Black
Fracking and fires, crushing our history to make the superior seem oppressed?
Cuffing wrists, crushing necks since 1619, and it’s still ok?
Since 1492, you’ve stabbed us with your colonizing chapels
Now the world is a live bomb.
The new is the old, I’m disgusted rather than surprised
(It’s gotten that bad?!) since before the end of the world
But I can’t get mad or I’d punch a wall with MAGA, or Nixon, printed on it.
The worst of the worst gets worse
This shit is gonna make me burst.
While our fascist dictator munches on his cheddar with the billionaires
Taking away my basic human rights? Isn’t that alt-right? Not tight, but hey, let’s fly a kite while the world is under no flight?
And I’m supposed to see from both sides of the story, RIGHT and LEFT.
No more equal rights? No more equal fights.
F*ck your racism, your homophobia, your transphobia, your xenophobia,
Your hate for minorities, for trans and queer youth, for the truth.
This dictator mess from 1933 to the Oval Office in 2016 to the present,
Not my president, leading the cops who say I’m “not a resident.”
And the 60%  have the audacity to say it’s not evidence of systemic racism,
and stand with the runaway patrols, the killers of over a thousand and one in 2019
and the administration that stole and silenced 4500+ migrant kids
and the fashion that steals from Black and Brown art, Black and Brown beauty
and say all lives matter when I’m a Hispanic bisexual teenager being stared down by the Klan
and say all lives matter when the rich continue to steal and destroy native land
and say all lives matter when a faux cop shoots down a 17-year-old with skittles
and say all lives matter when the cops shoot down a young medical worker
and say all lives matter when the cops won’t investigate 6 possible lynchings.
We the People stand against the United States of Horror, and we will trek to new horizons.
“Fight the power!” and “Do the right thing.”