#GSADay4RJ: GSA Day for Racial Justice

February 22, 2019

Trans and Queer Youth of Color: If you woke up to a #POCLiberatedWorld, what would you love to experience & celebrate?

This year’s GSA Day for Racial Justice, we’re asking all trans and queer youth of color to re-imagine life in a #POCLiberatedWorld and share your vision with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and website. We want to see, hear, read, and understand your vision for a liberated world.

–> Share a 10-60 second video using #GSADay4RJ and #POCLiberatedWorld.
–> Tweet, IG, or FB whatever comes up for you and tag us @gsanetwork
–> What do you think you would see, feel, hear, smell, or sense? Now bring that to life on video!

We welcome cool views, hugs, poems, songs, dances, raps, group actions, music, futuristic thoughts, visual art, a celebration, or even selfies + liberation quotes !

GSA Day for Racial Justice (February) is an annual day of action to mobilize for racial justice and celebrate the multiple identities we hold as LGBTQ youth. #GSADay4RJ is hosted by the National Youth Council, to find out more contact your local GSA Network representative.

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