#GSADay4GJ: GSA Day for Gender Justice

November 16, 2018

GSA Day for Gender Justice (November) is a day for GSA clubs, LGBTQ+ youth and allies to celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments and contributions of trans and gender nonconforming people, to honor those we’ve lost along the way, and to mobilize our communities to fight for gender justice. For more on how you can support trans youth, check out TRUTH: Trans Youth Program, a collaborative program between GSA Network and Transgender Law Center.

We are excited to announce the release of the TRUTH Nine Point Manifesto

The National Trans Youth Council invites you to join us on our third annual GSA Day for Gender Justice. On our third GSA Day 4 Gender Justice, November 16, 2018, we are excited to launch the TRUTH Nine Point Platform!

The TRUTH nine point platform centers the social movements that our team understands to be the foundation of our liberation and calls into action the intersecting forms of resistance; our manifesto will guide our work as young trans and non-binary organizers and we offer this guide to GSA organizers worldwide. continued at: ourtranstruth.org/truth-nine-point-manifesto

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