Gender Justice Leadership Programs

National TRUTH Council 2019
National TRUTH Council 2019

Gender Justice Leadership Programs (GJLP) include a multi-dimensional, media-based strategy to center and uplift the power, leadership, and truth of trans and nonbinary young people. Launched in January 2020, GJLP builds on the work of our first trans youth-centered initiative, the TRUTH Program, in collaboration with the Transgender Law Center.

GJLP aims to transform the GSA movement, as well as the wider LGBTQ+ movement, into an effort that centers trans and nonbinary youth of color.

This initiative embraces 3 bold approaches to trans youth liberation work:

  1. Direct youth organizing. GJLP will continue to support the TRUTH Program and cultural activism through art. 
  2. Organizational support. GJLP will offer technical assistance for partner LGBTQ+ organizations.
  3. Interconnected movement building. GJLP will include new trans and nonbinary youth-centered programming to connect with the larger community.

Youth Leadership Programs

  • TRans yoUTH (TRUTH) is a youth-led program for trans and gender-nonconforming young people between the ages of 14-18 to build public understanding, empathy, and a movement for liberation through storytelling and media organizing. Applications are accepted at the beginning of the year. Applications for the 2022 year are now closed.
  • Roses Initiative is a space for trans girls of color between the ages of 14-18. We are building a world where trans girls of color are taking the roses for themselves-  A world that not only affirms but is safe for trans girls of color and where they can be and find love! Applications for the Roses Initiative are accepted on a rolling basis- Apply here!
  • In collaboration with the Brown Boi Project, the GSA Financial Wellness Program, Trans | Trust | Funds (TTF), is an opportunity to empower trans youth to establish a sustainable financial wellness practice. The program offers a financial opportunity for youth to invest in themselves while gathering the tools for financial wellness and personal liberation. Over the course of this 6-month program, we’ll focus on unpacking the messages we received about money from parents, caregivers, the media, etc., and develop strategies for creating our ideal financial lives. This workshop series will cover a variety of topics including spending plans, getting the most out of your savings, investing in the future, establishing and building credit, and many more! By the end of the program, participants will have the tools they need to overcome financial challenges and adversity as well as the ability to create a pathway for future success. Participants will receive a $600 stipend for contributing to the group as well as an additional, optional opportunity to reinvest some of that money in TTF’s lending circle! Applications for the 2022 year are now closed

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