By Gia L.

While national media has only recently begun to put a spotlight on the lives and experiences of trans youth, our existence has always been revolutionary. We have always been at the forefront of the movement and have always needed you to show up for us, sometimes more than others.

Now is that time. Today is that day. Today we implore you to embody solidarity, push the boundaries of allyship and #ShowUp4TransYouth.

Existing as a young person in our nation’s current political climate is threatening and terrifying. As young people who are also trans, there is no certainty that our liberties as a people will be protected. In fact, with recent administrative attempts, it is seemingly more and more possible that our rights and safety will continue to be attacked by those at the top.

As young people like Ash take on their School District in their homestate and other trans youth organize around the nation in defense of their rights in schools, our community needs people power now.

To show up for trans youth can mean so many different things, but it is all rooted in the validation of our existence:

Showing up for trans youth means physically protecting our bodies when under attack. The transgender community is no stranger to physical abuse. Intervene when possible.

Showing up for trans youth means challenging teachers and professors when lectures are exclusionary or blatantly transphobic.

Showing up for trans youth means emotionally supporting us. Listening when asked.

Showing up for trans youth means never questioning our gender. We question it enough on our own.

Showing up for trans youth means speaking up when needed, but also knowing when to take a seat.

Showing up for trans youth means understanding that while trans youth are asking folks to finally be true allies, we are resilient enough to have survived this far.

Showing up for trans youth means knowing that there is so much power in our being.

Today, tomorrow, and every day afterward, appreciate the presence of trans youth in our lives. Fight for justice when injustice becomes normalized. Question authority when power seeps into politics. The revolution has never been polite.

#ShowUp4TransYouth because it is our ancestors who have always shown up for you.

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