Communications Intern

A high school sophomore in Southern California, Maya was first exposed to the GSA movement as a timid sixth-grader attending GSA chapter meetings with a friend out of curiosity. Over the past four years, her curiosity has grown into a passion for intersectional activism and justice for all, with special emphasis placed on the economic barriers that disenfranchised communities are pitted against, the need for inclusive, quality, and progressive education for all, and the eradication of institutional blockades of equality like gerrymandering and the filibuster. Within the GSA movement, she’s served on the California Youth Council, New Media Council, been a Youth Voices contributor and is an officer of her school’s GSA chapter, all of which have furthered her love of writing, interest in politics, and involvement in the fight for equity.

When not at school or writing, you’ll likely find Maya fiercely defending the Oxford Comma, baking banana bread, carefully curating playlists for intensely specific situations, or taking pictures of her dog (fittingly named Cozy).