Youth Organizing Fellow

Kaede began their activism in middle school by fiercely defending themself and their other LGBTQ+ friends against bigots and bullies. They started getting involved in the Fresno LGBTQ+ community when they joined their GSA Club in high school, and then a year later, the Central Valley Youth Council, where they were able to learn and use essential skills to continue their activism work. Kaede became club president by their junior year and helped organize campaigns at their school, including fighting trans exclusion during school rallies, Day of Silence, National Coming Out Day campaign, and Transgender Day of Remembrance. They are currently studying Chicano Latino Studies and focusing on social justice; they plan to transfer to a 4-year university upon completion of their AA. Kaede plans on going into environmental justice and sustainable living to find a better, safer, and more sustainable solution for humans and the environment. In their free time, they enjoy reading books, going to escape rooms, playing Animal Crossing, and caring for their cats.