Fun Things To Do

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Fun Things To Do With Your GSA

1. Movie Night

Attend a screening of an LGBT themed film at a local theatre, or if you have a big enough group, consider arranging a special showing.  You can also rent movies and get together to watch them and hang out.

2. Host a BBQ or Picnic

Involve the other GSAs in your area for a potluck picnic or BBQ.  You can have the event in a public park or in someone's back yard.  If it's fun, consider having one once a quarter or semester, or at the end of the school year.

3. Plan a Pride Dance or go to a LGBTQ dance in your area

Dances can be a great way to bring GSA members together and reach out to the school community, and Pride Proms are the highlight of the year's social activities for many GSAs.  Large dances require a lot of planning, so it's a good idea to have several GSAs sponsor and coordinate the event. If you don't want to plan your own, look into a LGBTQ dance in your area.

4. Plan Outdoor Activities

Meet at a park to play frisbee, softball, flag football, or whatever you want.  These activities can be combined with a BBQ and are a great way to network and socialize with other GSAs.  Or plan a hiking or camping trip.

5. Get together with other GSAs or student clubs on campus or at a local queer

or queer-friendly cafe

It's cool to just hang out in a "safe-space" and chat - and it's good to get to know GSA members from other schools. Building coalitions with GSAs at other schools or getting together with different student cshare stories, get advice, plan events, learn from each other, and have fun!

6. Arts and Crafts

Get together after school or during lunch and make your own pride gear, a banner to use in marches, or art to display in the library and display cases. 

7. Hold a Pride Party (or any party!)

Who needs a good excuse to party?!  Be creative with food and decorations -- there are lots of possibilities.

8. Organize local bands or performers to do a show

If you can't hold this at your school, contact a local community college, friendly church (e.g. UnitarianUniversalist Church) or synagogue (e.g. Reconstructionist or Reform synagogues), or your local rec center and ask to use their space.  This event could also serve as a fundraiser for your club.

9. Host a senior graduation party

"Lavender graduations" are a neat way to show appreciation for the seniors in your club and give them a meaningful send-off.  Consider investing in small gifts to present to graduating seniors at an end of the year event.

10. Plan or go to local rallies, student protests, or lobbying events

It is always exciting to actively make change!  There are always rallies, protests, and lobbying events you can find out about or learn from others on how to plan your own!

11. Host an awareness day at your school

Bring speakers, host workshops, have entertainment, and raise awareness about LGBTQQ issues at your school!

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