Advisor Handbook

Trans and queer youth, especially youth of color, are experiencing school pushout, basic needs insecurity, police violence, and many other forms of institutional and interpersonal violence. The resilience of youth leaders nationwide, however, gives us hope for the more just and equitable world we’re building–envisioned and led by young people themselves. 

GSA clubs have been vitally important in shifting the attitudes of the current generation of young people, and we’re so proud of all the ways this work has shifted and deepened, particularly in the last decade since our First Edition of the GSA Advisor Handbook was initially published in 2011. This Second Edition of the GSA Advisor Handbook reflects the ways the LGBTQ+ community has grown and evolved.

We’re excited to share resources and tools that will support you – GSA club advisors – to create and sustain thriving GSAs in partnership with students, schools, and communities, as we move closer to our vision of trans and queer liberation.

Download the electronic version here.