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Welcoming new leadership & a new approach

I am thrilled to share on behalf of the Board of Directors that today we appointed Ginna Brelsford and Geoffrey Winder, two long-time organizational leaders and phenomenal queer activists of color, as Co-Executive Directors of GSA Network. 
As a next-generation youth empowerment organization committed to racial justice for queer and trans youth, we recognize that leadership in our movement cannot and should not come in just one form or one person. We've reflected deeply these past eight months on the organization's trajectory over the past 16 years and where we go next. The landscape for LGBTQ youth in this country is shifting, and GSA Network has an opportunity and a duty to innovate new models and invest in the leadership of those at the cutting edge of our movement's transformation.
Geoffrey and Ginna are at that cutting edge. In their respective staff roles leading our Racial and Economic Justice Programs and overseeing GSA Network's growth and operations, they have both, in different ways, made GSA Network the organization it is today. They have proven they've got the passion, vision, and tremendous talent to lead GSA Network through its next phase exploring a new model of leadership and empowering LGBTQ youth to organize for a shared vision for racial, gender, and educational justice. 
Under this co-director model, Geoffrey and Ginna will be able to build off of GSA Network's success training youth advocates and explore new approaches for fostering a national youth movement that leads the way on racial, LGBTQ, and educational justice. 
We could not be happier to welcome Ginna and Geoffrey, together, to guide the future of the organization. This is an exciting time for GSA Network, and we are glad you are part of it with us. 
In solidarity,
Andrew Uehling
Chair, Board of Directors
GSA Network

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