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This is not retreat, this is not defeat


Dear GSA Leader or Advisor,


Thank you for leading a GSA club in your school or community. GSA clubs have been vitally important in shifting the attitudes of the current generation of young people, and our work has just gotten harder.

Since the election we have gotten emails and calls from many of you voicing concern about your club members’ safety and security of your clubs.

This resource includes tips and advice for keeping your members safe. Your first priority is the safety of your club members and community. That may mean modifying how your GSA meets, where they meet and what they do. That does not mean we are admitting defeat, or retreating. We are shifting tactics to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our members, something many of our clubs were founded on.

In this time it is not enough to just stand for LGBTQ rights, as many different communities we come from and call our own are also under attack. This is a time to stand together. This is a time to build coalitions. This is a time to find new allies.  

As we go forward in the coming years, know you are not alone. This movement and our history of victories and justice are on your side. Stay strong, keep vigilant, keep safe.  

Geoffrey Winder

Co-Executive Director

GSA Network National


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