GSA Network’s new Organizers in Training Cohort is a 9 month hands-on youth organizing cohort designed to empower 15 selected youth across the state of California. Selected Organizers in Training will develop strong outreach, membership recruitment, and retainment skills needed to be a valuable asset to any social justice movement. All cohort members will be eligible to apply for a quarterly educational award of up to $300 in March and June for a full amount of $600.

GSA Network’s Organizers in Training cohort is for any youth who is ready to take their youth organizing skills to the next level and wants to make a difference in their own life, school or community. All meetings will be online via Zoom. Once conditions change with COVID-19 we will evaluate if it is safe to meet in person. This cohort is geared toward youth who are interested in the field of youth organizing and who want to refine foundational skills in outreach and base-building.

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