Youth Council and the Statewide Advocacy Council

Youth Leadership

GSA Network is led by youth because we believe that youth have the power to create solutions and lead the fight against homophobia and transphobia. Representatives from GSAs around California serve on the organization's Board of Directors, regional Youth Councils, and Statewide Advocacy Council.

Statewide Advocacy Council

Statewide Advocacy Council is a diverse group of youth leaders from across California that works with GSA Network to change state laws and policies that impact LGBTQ youth. Statewide Advocacy Council members help plan and shape GSA Network’s advocacy efforts and events, including GAYLA (GSA Advocacy & Youth Leadership Academy) and Queer Youth Advocacy Day. They also help develop and promote advocacy campaigns such as our Campaign for LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum and the implementation of the FAIR Education Act.

Statewide Advocacy Council Members, 2013-2014

Sasha Sobol, Los Altos High School

Kimberly Yu, Alexander Hamilton High School

Kirsten Hendrickson, Folsom High School

Abram Bolanos, Hoover High School

Ruhi Bhalla, Santa Monica High School

Matthew Yeung, California High School

Andrew Taban, Canyon High School

Jose Armando Lopez, Pete Knight High School

Ashton Lee, Manteca High School

Thomanyque Williams, Humanities and Arts Academy of Los Angeles

Amber P., Central Valley

Check out this blog post to learn more about Statewide Advocacy Council. Visit Statewide Advocacy Council to learn how you can apply.

Youth Council

Youth Council members come from small towns and cities across California to represent the voices of youth activists and GSAs throughout the state. Youth Council members meet monthly to plan GSA Network's programs, plan and present at conferences, and lead trainings and events throughout the year.

Northern California Youth Council Members, 2015-16

Ellie Davis, Oakland Technical High School

Malia Disney, Tilden Preparatory School

Eli Johnson, Berkeley High School

Katusch Strich, Berkeley High School

Tanayshia Price, Robertson High School

Mya Worrell, Folsom High School

Jared Winn-Taryor, Berkeley High School

Cal Larisch, Washington High School

Anya Upson

Crystal Zepeda

Southern California Queerdom Youth Council, 2015-2016

Mikayla Muse, California High School

Monique Garcia, Santee Educational Complex

Stephany Salas, La Serna High School

Corey Lamas, Stern MASS

Guy Rosales, Renaissance High School of the Arts

Natalie Lee, Gabrielino High School

Diana Alvarez, Stern MASS High School

Johnny Ramos, Santee Educational Complex

Kween, Santee Educational Complex

Rosa Leon, Cabrillo High School

Claudia Iraheta, West Adams High School 

Jonathan Azterbaum, St. Francis High School

Carla Montiel-Rangel, West Valley High School

Caressa Wong, Arcadia High School

Sonya Kalara, La Canada High School

George Rosales, Gabrielino High School

Southern California Queering Brotherhood Fellows, 2015-2016

Jerry Alvarez, Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science School  

Carlos Beltran, Alexander Hamilton High School

Audi Madrigal, Benjamin Franklin High School

David Mosseri, Alexander Hamilton High School

Travis Phillips, Santee Education Complex

Ezequiel Ramos, Benjamin Franklin High School

Johnny Ramos, Santee Education Complex

David Vargas, Alexander Hamilton High School 

Central Valley Expression, Not Supression Committee 2016

Deion Jackson, Central Valley High School

Max Chavez, Central Valley High School

Rei Bioco, Buchanan High School

Hannah Vizcarra, Buchanan High School

Kaelyn Dauer, Buchanan High School

Kaede Acuna, Hoover High School

Kiana Medina, University High School

The Central Valley does not have a regional Youth Council but instead has a planning committee for the region's annual queer and allied youth conference called Expression, Not Suppression (ENS) that takes place in Fresno. The Central Valley program is seeking dedicated youth to help plan the conference, present at workshops, and do outreach to the region about the conference and GSA Network's programs. If you are interested in joining the ENS Committee and making it better for queer and allied youth in the Central Valley, apply below at the "Join a Youth Council" link.

Find out what it’s like to be on Youth Council and learn how you can apply. Visit Join a Youth Council.


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