By Sage B.

Sage B. (South Carolina) presents and excerpt from her poem “The Problems within the Educational System: A Sestina”

A little bit about me

My name is Sage and my pronouns are She/Her. I live in South Carolina. I am a member of the National Youth Council.

I started writing creatively a few months ago when i really enjoyed it and it’s been really powerful for me so far. I’m going to read a piece from my poem about removing SROs (school resource officers) out of school and creating better sexual education programs for kids our ages.

This is a sestina I submitted for class which was really cool. It’s entitled The Problems Within the Educational System: A Sestina.

This is an excerpt from Sage B.’s poem, The Problems Within the Educational System: A Sestina. It was submitted as part of the #GSADay4RJ 2019 Campaign #POCLiberatedWorld

Not to mention that gay youth are forced to bear
teachings that present their lifestyles as abnormal pieces.
Aids is synonymous with gay & queer kids clench their fists
in objection and disapproval. There’s a Bi student crying,
because they feel that the instructor should at least teach
that gay people are valid. The idea is sadly turned down.