By Jill

Last month, over 50 young people traveled to Sacramento to advocate for legislation that would make California schools safer for all students — rather than simply push students who don’t feel safe out of school.

Now, those critical bills are up for a vote — and they need YOUR help. Call your state Assemblymember or Senator this week and ask them to support the bills listed below.

Just call the Capitol Switchboard at (916) 322-9900 and ask for your Senator or Assemblymember. (Click here to look up your legislators.)

We need to make school discipline more effective and less harmful to queer youth. That’s why GSA activists at Queer Youth Advocacy Day spoke passionately on behalf of AB 1729 and AB 2242, bills that would reduce suspension and expulsion. And that’s we need you to call your legislators in support of all of the following bills:

  • SB 1088 – Ensuring that Juvenile Justice Youth Are Enrolled in School
  • SB 1235 – Reducing Excessive Student Suspensions Through Evidence-Based Alternatives (like PBIS and Restorative Justice)
  • AB 1729 – Creating Stronger Alternatives to Suspension and Expulsion
  • AB 1909 – Foster Youth Discipline Notification
  • AB 2145 – Ensuring Appropriate Data Reporting on California School Discipline
  • AB 2242 – Reducing Out of School Suspensions and Expulsions for “Willful Defiance”
  • AB 2537 – Common Sense Changes to Mandatory Suspension and Expulsion Law
  • AB 2616 – Giving School Administrators Discretion to Help Increase School Attendance

Schools need to address the core issues behind discipline problems before they resort to pushing students out of school and often into the criminal justice system. Punitive and extreme discipline prevents students from learning, and worse, it disproportionately punishes LGBT students, students of color, low-income students, and students with disabilities. Call today and tell your legislator we need to fix school discipline!

For more information about these bills, check out