By Chris Covington

Santee Leaders

This afternoon, Santee Education Complex in Los Angeles announced the opening of the first gender-neutral restroom in Los Angeles Unified School District. The youth-led campaign, “It’s Just a Toilet,” initiated the change, which Dean of Students Jose Lara supports.

Santee GSA club leaders Johnny Ramos, Kween Robinson, and Monique Garcia led campaign efforts after a faculty member stopped one of their trans-identifying peers from using the restroom that aligned with their gender identity.

Johnny Ramos commented on why their GSA started the campaign. “It’s very unfair how students had to wait until they get to their houses to use the restroom. It’s our right to use the restroom on campus because we are there for eight hours; our school is our home,” he said, adding, “This restroom is not just for LGBTQ students. It’s for any student who doesn’t feel comfortable using the restroom.”