Youth governance is deeply ingrained in our organization, particularly within our Board of Directors, which leverages the power of an intergenerational, youth-adult partnership model to drive our mission and vision forward. Fifty-percent of Board Members are GSA program alumni or youth who are enrolled in high school and actively participating in our programs. And we are pleased to announce that Elias Joseph and Trio! Harris, current and former GSA youth leaders, have been appointed as Co-Chairs.

“As a youth in GSA Network programs, I love being the chair of the Board and making sure that the youth voice is present in very important organizational decisions. I think youth really have the skills and drive to work towards collective liberation, and the opportunity to be on the Board gives us a position to lead,” said Elias, who is also a member of the National Trans Youth (TRUTH) Council based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Youth participation on our Board of Directors is an important component of our leadership pipeline.  We actively recruit and engage current and former GSA youth leaders to serve in key positions of leadership within the organization in order to support their professional development.

“GSA Network positions youth as leaders in the movement towards youth liberation and cultural transformation through the development of programs that amplify the voices of youth from intersecting backgrounds. Youth act as agents for social and political change with decision-making power in the organization’s governance. This leadership pipeline inspired my motivation to return to the Board of Directors,” said Trio!, an administrator at the First District Appellate Project in Oakland, California.

In addition to integrating youth perspectives, our Board of Directors strives to have member representation throughout the country.We are also excited to announce that in 2020 we have added new Board Members in California, Florida, and New York. Meet our full Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors also plays an important role in bolstering the financial health and sustainability of the organization. This week they launched their first annual online auction. We hope you will support their efforts and the work of the GSA Network by bidding on one of the many items available to purchase. The online auction will be open until Monday, March 23rd at 11:45pm. All proceeds go directly to supporting the mission and vision of GSA Network.