Trans, queer, and gender nonconforming youth of color are changing the national conversation around racial and gender justice — one school at a time. As elected officials try to erase their identities, LGBTQ+ youth are speaking boldly, taking up space, and reclaiming power by demanding a new, inclusive status quo.

Young people in the network achieved a ton in the past year alone:

  • 800+ trans and queer youth of color were trained as community organizers, social justice advocates, and storytellers.
  • The National TRUTH Council expanded its reach into 9 states and now has 25 members who launch powerful storytelling campaigns to build community, find inspiration, & transform society. The council recently launched the Nine Point Manifesto that will guide its future work.
  • Students in California led workshops about legal protections and exercising your rights in hostile school climates using an intersectional lens. Students in the Midwest and Southeast used that lens to approach their activism in rural and urban communities.
  • Countless students throughout California demanded trans and queer inclusion in their social studies and history curricula citing their rights and protections under the Fair Education Act.
  • After experiencing transphobia around bathroom access and noticing a lack of support for trans and gender non-conforming students, a young person launched a campaign to implement gender neutral bathrooms in every Long Beach, CA high school. Youth organizers from each school joined the campaign, which has since gained school board support.

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