By Minowa M.

Black ice is ice that’s developed on the surface of a roadway.”
Black Ice is dangerous and hard to see,
Easily preventable, but ignored often.
This is why tragedies happen.

Now, imagine building an entire country on Black Ice,
White supremacy, a deadly layer covering every inch of it.

Imagine how Black and Brown people must feel, constantly slipping and falling.
Slipping and falling on White supremacy.

We say it over and over but the message is often neglected or dismissed.
“Black Lives Matter”
That doesn’t mean Only Black Lives Matter.
It means Black Lives Matter, Too.

Black Lives Matter means:
Black Trans Lives Matter.
Black Queer Lives Matter.
Black Children’s Lives Matter.
ALL Black Lives Matter.

The constant microaggressions,
The backhanded compliments,
Underpaid, under-appreciated.
That is their ongoing reality.  

This is America,
Where many people come for the “American Dream,”
But the real America is one where
descendants of slaves are imprisoned,
brutalized by those sworn to protect and serve.
America is the place where Segregation “ended” only 56 years ago.
America is the place where people only care if you speak English,
America is the place where white skin is the only requirement for success. 

This Is Amerikkka.

Black Ice…
Slowly melting.