By Laura

2012 is the year of the national GSA movement! We’re only 11 days into 2012, and two new members already joined the National Association.

Last week Arkansas and Kentucky joined the National Association of GSA Networks, making them the 34th and 35th states to join the network since it started in 2005. In 2010, four new members from South Carolina, Colorado, Arizona, and Hawai’i also joined the network.

Arkansas and Kentucky are doing great work with GSAs in the South and we are thrilled to have them as part of the network.

In Arkansas, the GSA movement is growing rapidly thanks to the Center for Artistic Revolution (CAR) based in Little Rock, AR. Through their youth work and young adult group Diverse Youth for Social Change (DYSC), CAR has been able to access the now 13 GSAs in the state of Arkansas.

“We are extremely proud and honored to become a member of the National Association of GSA Networks,” said Kat Crisp, Youth Program Coordinator at CAR. “Now that we are an official member, we hope to become the hub for GSAs in Arkansas so that each student knows there are peers and mentors to support them.”

In Louisville, Kentucky, the Louisville Youth Group has big plans for networking GSAs. Last spring they held their first GSA summit. This fall during my visit, they were launching their GSA Network.

“Being part of the National Association is powerful because we can hear about what other regions are doing.” said Donald Taylor, Executive Director of Louisville Youth Group.

Two states in one week? I’ll take it. And you know what that means – there are only 15 more states to go until we hit 50. At this rate, 2012 will certainly be the year of the national GSA movement!

Next month, GSA Network will profile the Center for Artistic Revolution and Louisville Youth Group. Visit their websites or check back soon at to read more about their work.

To find out about a National Association member in your state, visit the National Association of GSA Networks national directory: