Are you a Black Trans or Queer Young Person who is looking for other young people in the Black Trans and Queer Community sparking change around your community and want to connect with other Black Trans and Queer Folk throughout the South? Do you want to boost your organizing, research, and leadership skills and build movement experience with other young activists? Do you want to share your own story and support other Black Trans and Queer youth in sharing theirs?

Apply below to join!

Upcoming Events

Black & Queer Occupying White Spaces [April 23rd via Zoom] – Click to Register

GSA Network’s Black Trans and Queer Space is a 6-month initiative centering the expertise and leadership of Black Trans and Queer youth who are organizing toward our liberated future, free from the violence toward Black and Trans folk while creating an environment for living as our authentic selves.

Selected participants will work together to strengthen organizing and leadership skills while holding important conversations about the experiences and demands of our community. Selected participants will be eligible to apply for a quarterly educational award of up to $300 in June and September for a full amount of $600.

All young, Black transgender and Black non-binary activists who are 13-18 years old are encouraged to apply. Participants should expect 5-8 hours of programming each month, including workshops, meeting on a biweekly basis, and programming events. We will also be offering text/chat-based communication to keep in touch and check-in.

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This program is open to folks ages 13 to 18
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GSA Network strives for diversity in all aspects of our organization. Please provide the following information about yourself:

Black & Queer Occupying White Spaces

April 23rd via Zoom

This is an event geared towards conversation for young queer Black people. Creating a space specifically for us. Challenging the "norm" of other occupied spaces that we are in but not completely welcomed in.

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