SoCal GSA Activist Camp

GSA Youth Council is a year-long leadership program that requires regular attendance and commitment.

Youth Council members:

  • Build a network of support, lifelong friendships (or as we call it siblinghood)
  • Have fun exploring our identities and connecting to our culture
  • Learn leadership skills and strategies to start or strengthen your GSA and/or GSAs in your area like:
    • How to lead and plan trainings, workshops, events and campaigns with other trans and queer youth.
  • Have the opportunity to tell your story and use your voice to stand up for yourself and others in your community
  • Become an ambassadors of the GSA Network and in the trans and queer youth movement!
  • Receive monthly one-on-one check-ins to help you reach your leadership goals
  • Can be invited to participate in larger leadership development opportunities locally and nationally

GSA Network Youth Council is for any student who wants to make a difference in their own life, school or community.

California Youth Council Applicants:

  • You do not have to be in your club's leadership to apply. We will help you build your skills to become the leader you want to become
  • Meetings happen once a month, generally on a Saturday located in one of our regional offices they require regular attendance and commitment
    • If you are not near one of our regional offices there will be an online option for you to participate. Do not let distance deter you from this opportunity. We will work to support you.
  • We offer transportation reimbursements for members needing financial assistance
  • Lunch and snacks provided at all meetings for all members
  • Contact us for community service hours

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