Tony Ortuño Staff Photo

Senior Statewide Organizer

Tony Ortuño (pronouns he/him/his) is a proud queer, undocumented Mexican immigrant, living in Orange County, CA. In 2012, he graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Political Science: Law, Politics, Policy. It was during his undergraduate journey where he came out as Queer and realized there were social justice movements making change happen for marginalized groups of people in his own community. He began his social justice journey through the Immigrant Youth movement in an effort to pass the Federal DREAM Act, DACA and educational policies impacting CA immigrant youth. When coming out as Queer, Tony joined and eventually helped lead space for Queer Trans latinx people in Orange County, through DeColores Queer Orange County, a social, cultural and political space for Queer Trans Latinx people. In 2013, Tony joined the team at The LGBT Center Orange County as the Youth Program Coordinator, where he helped facilitate the youth leadership group  Y.E.T.A. (Youth Empowered to Act), provided ongoing support to Gender and Sexuality Alliance clubs (GSAs) in middle schools and high schools as well as worked with school district leaders to create safe school climates for LGBTQ+ youth. With his commitment and experience in creating spaces for LGBTQ+ youth leaders, Tony joins the Southern CA GSA Network team as the Senior Regional Organizer supporting GSA development in the San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. When he isn’t working, Tony loves spending time and creating memories with his husband Kevin, his loving family and friends.