Program Operations Coordinator

Orión Corado (all pronouns) is a Queer Salvadoran-Mexican person based in the Bay Area. Growing up in East Palo Alto, they began their local organizing by having co-led their high school’s GSA after realizing that there was no LGBTQIA+ specific support on campus. Interested in human dynamics and social structures, he then received an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of California, Davis. While attending university, she worked within student affairs and student organizations to organize spaces where people within LGBTQIA+ communities can cultivate meaningful communities during the pandemic. They are committed to supporting their communities and leading their efforts through bell hooks’ definition of love.
Outside of GSA Network, you can find Orión watching the longest cinematic movies in the world, trying to figure out how to become a certified coffee roaster, or playing a multitude of games across various mediums.