Program Operations Coordinator

Joey (they/them) is a trans, nonbinary, and Pilipinx gender anarchist with a passion for advancing social change, building networks of communal care, and engaging in operational orchestration. Since revamping and leading their high school GSA, they have pursued trans and queer youth of color advocacy in their personal, professional, and academic lives. Joey has previously worked in university LGBTQ+ centers designing events and resources, engaging with trans and queer students, and implementing and refining operational systems and processes.

Joey is graduating in spring 2021 with an MA in Cultural Studies and a certificate in Gender Studies. Their culminating project explores creative self-expression as a tool for gender liberation through a framework of radical imagination and self-determination. Joey also holds a BS in Music Industry Studies with a concentration in Legal Studies. During their undergraduate program, their love for music melded into critiquing entertainment industries as sociocultural shapers and exploring artistic expression as individual and community healing. This balance and connection between creativity, care, and social justice persists into all of the work that they do.

Joey cares for two kittens, Kipo and Bow, and a handful of plants: ZZ, Jinora, Todd, Inky, and Lexie.