Co-Executive Director

Originally from Juneau, Alaska, Ginna is a highly qualified administrator with progressive leadership experience, who managed GSA Network’s finance and operations as Finance and Administrative Director before becoming Co-Executive Director. Ginna joined GSA Network’s staff in 2011 where she has served as a member of the Executive and Management Teams. A graduate of Smith College, Ginna has over 15 years of nonprofit financial and operations experience having previously been employed at MassEquality, Nonprofit Finance Fund, and Environmental Justice Coalition for Water. In her tenure at GSA Network, Ginna has overseen organizational human resources and operational needs in a rapid expansion of staff and infrastructure, including the opening of regional offices outside of California. Ginna became Co-Executive Director in 2015 and has also been an Arcus Foundation Leadership Fellow. When not at GSA Network, Ginna enjoys traveling around California’s wine country with her partner, Jill or watching Frozen with her daughter, Raven.