Statewide Organizer

Cielo is a proud queer-Salvadorian by way of West Oakland! Cielo uses gender-neutral pronouns (They/Them). They began organizing for students of color at their high-school when they started to understand the need to question the systems in place. Cielo graduated from UC Santa Cruz in the spring for 2016 with a degree in Latin American and Latino Studies with a focus on Gender, Health, and Migration. During their time at Santa Cruz, Cielo embarked on a journey of self-discovery and dove into the world of queer and radical rhetoric/identities to expand on their perspectives in life. With all this new information Cielo found themselves amongst other Queer-Brown: students, radicals, organizers, community. Cielo was able to co-lead Familia X, a safe-space dedicated to queer and questioning LatinX students at UCSC. Through their process of self-realization Cielo, has been able to dedicate their studies, organizing efforts, and work towards creating a safer world for other Queer-Trans- GenderNonConforming- NonBinary people of color. Their love for Oakland and empowering marginalized youth has brought Cielo to the GSA Network, where they hope to continue growing as a community member, artist, and organizer.