Statewide Lead Organizer

As a proud product of Long Beach, California, Christopher has dedicated his life to a future where all who have historically been marginalized, made invisible, and unheard are uplifted and empowered to challenge and deconstruct the systems of oppression. Chris’s pronouns are he/they. Chris is a multiracial, queer person of color with many identities and lived experiences that deeply connects them to intersectional movements and spaces. Growing up working class Chris was determined to not be boxed in by the limitations others placed on them. Chris’s dedication and determination to advancing issues led to organizing in the fight for social justice with the many communities Chris serves. Their collective work produced major locals, state and national policy, systems and cultures shifts in the fields of labor, education, LGBTQ+ and health. In Chris’s free time, they enjoy caring for his dog Leo and houseplants, engaging in wellness practices and making memories with friends and loved ones.