Associate Director, Systems & Operations

Anna C. Davis was born and raised in Mississippi and until recently had been doing youth organizing there since around 2003. Through her college’s GSA, Anna was able to grow her skillset around public speaking, planning, and community¬†organizing. Recognizing a need to connect with other youth leaders in the state, she and several other young leaders started the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition (MSSC). Realizing there was a shortage in communications organizers, Anna changed her academic course and eventually graduated with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations and a Master’s in Mass Communications.

Since her student organizing days, Anna has participated in a wide variety of programs, cohorts, and national workgroups to ensure Southern voices are continually uplifted in national discussions about social justice work. Her focus continues to be on youth organizing, particularly in Southern, rural spaces in her home state of Mississippi. Anna has recently moved to Georgia and is acclimating to city life.