Field Organizer, Southern California

Andy is a trans gender non-conforming Latinx member of the GSA Network SoCal team. Their pronouns are they/them/theirs. Andy was born in Watsonville, CA. However, Andy was raised in Tijuana and Guadalajara Mexico until they were 16, when their family returned to Los Angeles, CA. Since then, South Los Angeles has become their home. While attending John C. Fremont High School, as a youth activist, Andy was involved with Community Coalition fighting against the School to Prison Pipeline when their school was threatened of being closed. At the same time Andy started to get involved with the GSA club during senior year. This made a huge impact on Andy for their own identity as a Queer and Trans youth and their activism involvement. After high school, Andy got involved with several LGBTQ+ collectives such as, FMLA a feminist club that fought to have safe spaces and increased representation of queer and trans students on campus. Additionally, Andy has been collaborating alongside with Immigrant Youth Coalition as a comrade to fight against the deportation and detentions of undocumented queer and trans folk. Andy is ready and excited to work along side powerful and amazing trans and queer youth working to fight for gender, racial, and sexuality justice. Andy holds a BA in Sociology and a minor in Women Gender and Sexualities studies from California State University Los Angeles.