Posters, Movies and More

Art and media are powerful tools for raising visibility for your GSA club and the issues affecting the LGBTQ community. The posters, movies, plays, and more that you’ll find in this section can be used to fight homophobia and transphobia in your school. GSA clubs build youth leadership capacity by planning actions, events, and classroom presentations that incorporate these tools. Use these resources to create events and actions that inspire your GSA club and fellow students to take action!

Posters & Exhibits 

Want to raise awareness in your classrooms or hallways?

  • Bring our traveling photo exhibit, High Contrast, to your school to help raise awareness about LGBTQ issues, stereotypes, and other aspects of our intersecting identities.
  • Check out the posters and exhibits about youth with LGBT parents from COLAGE.
  • Visit the Safe Schools Coalition to find even more posters and exhibits.

a Liberation Ink Poster


Your GSA can show movies during lunch, after school, as part of a classroom presentation, or during a movie night. Movies are a great way to raise visibility for your GSA. Hold a discussion afterwards to educate your peers and others at school.

  • California GSAs can get free DVDs about LGBT issues from the Youth In Motion project. Each DVD includes a Curriculum and Action Guide. Discounted rates are also available for GSAs outside of California.
  • Download GSA Network’s youth-produced film, ”As If It Matters”, and the accompanying Curriculum and Action Guides.
  • Check out our list of Recommended Videos appropriate for GSAs.
  • Learn about the incredible educational films offered through the Respect for All Project.

Youth In Motion DVDs


Coming Soon! “Tru Loved” is the first movie made to chronicle the formation of a GSA club. It’s being turned into a play that high school theater programs can perform. In the meantime, consider working with your high school theater department to put on Rent: The High School Edition or The Laramie Project about the murder of Matthew Shepard in Laramie, WY. 


Start up an LGBTQ book club with your GSA to introduce new books to your members, or look for some reading on your own. Check out our list of Recommended Books appropriate for youth in GSAs. 

T-Shirts & Buttons 

T-shirts and Buttons help build team spirit, cohesiveness, and visibility for your GSA club. T-shirts and buttons are especially powerful when worn in conjunction with an event or day of action. Design your own shirts or buy GSA Network T-shirts and buttons.