How to Get More Members and Allies

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  1. Provide food at your meeting
  2. Put an announcement in the daily bulletin or assembly
  3. Advertise at club day - have a table and pass out ribbons or lollypops with a sticker with the name of your GSA
  4. Participate in school pride or spirit week at your school
  5. Set up an info table at lunch or special events in a visible place
  6. Pass out rainbow ribbons or GSA buttons to GSA supporters
  7. Make flyers or posters about specific meetings, topics, or events and post around campus

    Example: Make flyers defining what a straight ally is with information about your GSA at the bottom
  8. Ask teachers to permanently post your group's general flyer in their classroom
  9. Get an article about your group in the school paper
  10. Hold a "bring-a-friend day" at your GSA meeting
  11. Have an open GSA meeting where you show a movie or have a speaker
  12. Make presentations at other clubs' meetings about your group; invite these clubs to make presentations at your GSA meeting.
  13. Send group representatives to classes to make an announcement about your group's meetings or activities
  14. Put together a panel of speakers for a conference or similiar event
  15. Set up a time to speak to teachers at faculty meetings or help conduct an in-service/teacher training
  16. Create a display in your library (i.e. for Queer History Month) or display case in a hallway
  17. Practice Guerilla Theater: stage a public exchange between GSA members about homophobia or transphobia and your GSA
  18. Partcipate in the Day of Silence Project:
  19. Invite teachers, faculty, and staff to GSA meetings
  20. Write a letter to your school board asking for support
  21. Spread the word! Tell others about your GSA!
  22. Make a website, myspace, or facebook page for your GSA
  23. Keep a guest log at your meetings! Personally invite people back with a follow up thank you card.
  24. Have a contest to see which person can bring in the most new (and consistent!) members
  25. Take notes at meetings and then send them out. People are more likely to come back if they stay updated on what's going on
  26. Make business cards with location, time, and dates of your meetings. Pass them around or just drop them in random places wherever you go.
  27. Go out of your way to be nice to new folks! Make them feel super welcome!