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Pride Across the Country

Pride month is a celebration of community, family, and the fight to defend our lives and our selves. Marches, parades, dinners, and conferences are just a few of the ways in which our community comes together to celebrate. While June is the nationally recognized month for LGBTQ+ Pride, the timing varies as much as the location. Here are a few of the prides we’ve been watching, taking part in, or uplifting. 

As we continue to defend our communities from an emboldened oppressive opposition, we will celebrate our wins, our loves, our friends and family. We will honor our community members lost two years ago at Pulse and those since. We are united in our pursuits for just communities that not only celebrate our individual identities as LGBTQ+ people but push ourselves and our communities to celebrate our whole selves.


Long Beach Pride (CA) - May 21, 2018

Columbus Pride Festival* (IN) - April 14, 2018 Starkville Pride Parade (MS) - March 24, 2018 Massachusetts Youth Pride(MA) - May 19, 2018
Fresno Rainbow Pride (CA) - June 4, 2018 PrideFest(WI) - June 8, 2018 #MyQTPOCPride (LA) - June 9, 2018 Capital Pride Festival (DC) - June 10, 2018

#ResistMarch (CA) - June 11, 2018

Twin Cities Pride (MN) - June 23, 2018 Southern Fried Queer Pride (GA) - June 20, 2018 Philly Youth Pride(PA) - June 10, 2018
Trans March(CA) - June 22, 2018 Chicago Pride (IL) - June 25, 2018 Dallas Teen Pride (TX) - September 15, 2018 Youth Pride (NY) - June 23, 2018

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