Justice For All

Justice For All: Dealing With the Events and Aftermath of September 11th

As groups that support diversity and school safety and oppose all forms of harassment and discrimination, GSAs can respond to the recent hostility against Arab/Arab-American communities by spreading a message of tolerance and understanding.

In this packet, you'll find:

  1. How to Use Justice For All: Tips For Leading Peer Education Discussions and Activities
  2. Curriculum: Media Analysis
  3. Curriculum: Solidarity Discussion
  4. Handout: Definitions
  5. Handout: Article #1
  6. Handout: Article #2
  7. Resource Sheet: How to Be an Effective Ally to Arabs/Arab-Americans
  8. Resource Sheet: Web Resources for Students and Teachers in the
  9. Aftermath of September 11th
  10. Resource Sheet: Coalition Building

Download the Justice for All Packet