There Won't Be Harvey Milk Day at Kern High Schools

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- The first openly gay man to hold an elected office in California won't be honored on local high school campuses.

The Kern High School District Board of Trustees voted 3-1 Wednesday to not observe Harvey Milk Day on May 22.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Harvey Milk Day into law Oct. 12 last year.

Conservative trustee Ken Mettler raised the proposal earlier this month to not observe Harvey Milk Day. Both supporters and opponents showed up at the Wednesday morning special board meeting.

Several speakers told the board they don't think Milk is a good role model for students.

"I don't want my children or my grandchildren to have a special day when they will scrutinize on that day and look at the life of Harvey Milk, and look at this lifestyle," Rick Prevost told the board.

Prevost said Milk was being recognized for his lifestyle and not his achievements, noting Milk was in an elected office for only 11 months.


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