Feb. 16, 2011

Vogue or voguing is a modern and stylized form of dance that became popular as a result of the Harlem ballroom dance scene during the 1960s. The African American and Latino American Harlem ballroom dancers combined inspiration from the Vogue magazine model and dance techniques they had learned on the ballroom floor to create a new form of movement. Dancers often modeled their movements after the linear poses of the magazine's models.

Voguing was originally called "presentation" or "performance" dance and evolved over the years into the form known today as "vogue". It was and is still often practiced in the gay ballroom and club scene all over the United States. Formal competitions are held all over the nation during balls that are held by a "house" which is a collective of LGBT dancers in the house belonged to. It was not uncommon for dancers to change their last names to match the house they belonged to.

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