Remembering Lawrence King
Feb. 22, 2010

On February 12, 2010, the second anniversary of the shooting of Lawrence King, over 40 GSA activists and allies from throughout Southern California gathered at Los Angeles City Hall to hold a candlelight vigil in memory of Lawrence King and share their stories of harassment and bullying, as well as to call for an end to the violence in our schools. The vigil was organized by Isaiah Baiseri (Glendora High), Glenna Colerider-Krugh (South Pasadena High), Charisse Delk (Arrow High), JT Mendoza (Santa Susana High), Marissa Minnick (Torrey Pines High), Giuliana Pe Benito (Westlake Hig), Pablo Ramirez (Lincoln High), and A. Robin (Granada Hills High), all members of GSA Network's Southern California Youth Council. The vigil featured youth speakers as well as teacher allies.


We asked some youth who attended why they were at the vigil and what Lawrence King meant to them. This is what they shared:

With sass and charisma, Lawrence King stood taller than many LGBTQ individuals have ever done so in the generations that have gone by. We gathered to mourn, to pay tribute, to lend our hearts to brothers and sisters, but most importantly, to stress an awareness that the LGBTQ community stands together, united and strong with hope and pride.

 - King Chan, Reid High


Tonight, we were all as one, joining together to express who we truly are with no hate and discrimination. We promoted acceptance for everyone tonight.

- Faith Tabayoyong, Hoover High 

 Why does it take someone's death to make the world lift a finger against the violence in our schools that we live through everyday?

- Manuel Cuevas, Belmont High



I am here to listen to the story of Lawrence's life. He touched so many people.

- Branne Demongigny, Whitcomb High



I'm here because I support the LGBT Community 100%! I was so sad about Lawrence's death. He will never be forgotten.

- Sonia Rivera, Lincoln High 


 I came in remembrance of a brave human being, and because all of these amazing youth inspire me.

- Diana Bui, community member


I came to bring awareness about harassment and violence and to increase my knowledge about this increasingly powerful and strong community. 

- Tiffany Tan, Lincoln High




The Vigil allowed me to look back at Lawrence King's struggles and realize that even though his death sparked some change, we still have a long way to go.

- Marissa Minnick, Torrey Pines High

 photos by: Marissa Minnick 2010  

Lawrence King 1993 to 2008




Student quotes and photos from the vigil

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