Make history! Is your school FAIR or unFAIR?
Nov. 1, 2012

Does your school follow the FAIR Education Act? California has long required public schools to teach about the contributions of women, people of color, and other historically underrepresented groups. With the FAIR Education Act, the state updated these guidelines to end the exclusion of people with disabilities and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from history and social studies lessons.

The law went into effect on January 1, 2012 -- so if you're not learning about the role and contributions of LGBT people and people with disabilities in your history and social studies classes, your school is breaking the law.

Check out the full FAIR/unFAIR campaign to make sure your school is following the law!

  • Download a presentation to show to your GSA explaining the FAIR Education Act and kicking off your campaign
  • Download a presentation to show teachers and administrators about implementing the FAIR Education Act 
  • Get LGBT lesson guides and resources
  • Rate your school with the FAIR/unFAIR survey

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