San Francisco Interior Designer Ian Stallings Says Gay Kids Are Still Not Safe at School

Although many believe that the new generation doesn't care about sexual orientation-that it's no longer an issue in our public schools-San Francisco interior designer and safe schools activist Ian Stallings says that's simply not true. Stallings is raising money for the Gay-Straight Alliance Network-and asking others to help.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 10, 2011

Last year's rash of news reports about gay teens being brutally beaten by classmates and harassed so badly they took their own lives struck a chord with San Francisco interior designer Ian Stallings. Now one of the city's strongest activists for gay youth, Stallings is joining with his friends to help eliminate bullying at schools by fundraising for the Gay-Straight Alliance Network (GSA Network) and conducting community outreach to encourage others to join the fight.

"Like many others, I was bullied in school-so when I started seeing the heart-wrenching stories of gay youths struggling with bullies across the country, I was instantly motivated to do my part to make our schools safer," said Stallings. "No one should ever have to endure such cruelty-especially our children, for God's sake."

Stallings' involvement started relatively small, but ramped up quickly. He first sought out the GSA Network and made a donation of $100. But the feeling stayed with him, and he decided $100 just wasn't enough.

Over the next three weeks, he called on all of his friends and resources and pulled together a swanky fundraising event for over 300 guests who paid close to $50 each. In total, he raised $15,000. He later learned it was the largest event GSA Network had ever hosted until then.

Rafael Galliano and John Martin hosted the fundraising event at their 6,000 square foot San Francisco Edwardian, located at 1045 Divisadero in NoPa. At the event, Jeffrey De Souza, co-owner of De Souza Hughes, became a supporter of GSA Network. De Souza took the baton and brought in his resources to host a subsequent GSA Network fundraiser.

Called "Fabulous by Design," Stallings helped host the event at De Souza's expansive furniture showroom in the San Francisco Design Center. The event, which included an auction, brought in $50,000 that is now being used to make schools safer.

Stallings, Galliano, Martin and De Souza are planning additional fundraising events. To get involved or gather more information, contact Ian Stallings at (415) 830-3038.

About Ian Stallings
Ian Stallings is a San Francisco-based interior designer who specializes in a full range of interior architecture and interior decorating services. In each project Stallings treats the client as the muse and the home as the canvas.

Stallings' work is based on a complete understanding of each client's needs, a love of the craft, a wide knowledge of the history of architecture and interior decoration, and a profound commitment to environmental issues.

Stallings is not only a champion for the GSA Network, he is also an active member of the Conrad Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fundamentally shifting how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are taught in K-12 schools and across socioeconomic levels.

For more information about Ian Stallings' services, please call Ian Stallings at (415) 830-3038 or visit him on the web


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