GSA Network Reacts to President Obama's "It Gets Better" Video


Contact:  Carolyn Laub
Office: 415-552-4229
Cell: 415-235-4556

Gay-Straight Alliance Network Responds to President Obama's

"It Gets Better" Video


San Francisco, October 21, 2010 - Gay-Straight Alliance Network applauds President Barack Obama for his historic contribution to the national dialogue on anti-gay bullying and youth suicide.  The heartfelt message he issued today offers a message of hope to LGBT youth who have been bullied or to anyone who has felt different.  We commend President Obama for his statement that bullying can no longer be an acceptable rite of passage in this country.  In Obama's own words, "We have an obligation to ensure that our schools are safe for all of our kids."


Gay-Straight Alliance Network applauds the President for reminding our nation that while yes, it can get better, we have a responsibility - an obligation - to make schools safer right now. 

Make It Better Project Logo Final"We are grateful that the President is committed to making schools safe for every student," said Carolyn Laub, Executive Director of Gay-Straight Alliance Network.  "We call on the President and all elected officials to do everything in their power to  make schools safer for LGBT youth.  Our nation's leaders can make it better for LGBT youth by ending discrimination against LGBT people in our country."


GSA Network was founded on the principle that school should be safe for every student, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.  GSA Network empowers young people in middle schools and high schools to start and strengthen Gay-Straight Alliance clubs to combat bullying and end the isolation that is too often felt by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students.  Students in schools with a GSA club report less anti-LGBT bullying than students at schools with no GSA. 


Following the wave of recent youth suicides and the development of the It Gets Better Project, Gay-Straight Alliance Network launched the Make It Better Project to give youth and adults the tools they need to combat anti-LGBT bullying and make schools safer for LGBT youth right now.  The Make It Better Project is now endorsed by over 75 organizations around the country, including the Trevor Project, GLSEN, PFLAG, and GLAAD, among others.


The Make It Better Project includes a website and YouTube channel where students and adults can upload video messages to share what they are doing to combat bullying and make schools safer.  New videos are being added every day.  The website offers resources and action steps for youth and adults who want to address bullying and prevent suicide.  You can follow the project on Twitter and Facebook. 


The Make It Better Project is sponsored by GSA NetworkGSA Network empowers youth to fight homophobia and transphobia in school by training youth activists and supporting student-led Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in California and throughout the country.

Contact:  Carolyn Laub,, office: 415-552-4229; cell: 415-235-4556

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